Go check out the latest program in the documentary series... program 2/4
Go watch our latest episode over on YouTube, 45 minutes long and full of exciting and interesting footage. Feedback is very much welcome
In the last week two new faces have arrived in Nonsuch, one who will be our cameraman and the other our co-presenter. Duncan on the left will be presenting and so far we've covered the Nonsuch News for Winter and some parakeet filming and talking. Michael on the right will be our new cameraman and has already helped during the interview with Gerald Smith and the Nonsuch palace model.
A huge thank you to Gerald Smith (Friends of Nonsuch Chairman) for giving up his Good Friday afternoon to be filmed for the program. His Knowledge is amazing and remember the Service Wing Museum opens TOMORROW for the first time since Winter! Please support the Friends of Nonsuch as they don't get any funding from the Council or anyone and all the amazing work they've done is through events and memberships.
     A new footpath planned to be laid by the Lower Mole project and Nonsuch Voles from the Mansion house to Cheam Rec has had the first part completed on Cheam Rec. We are assured the path will make it easier for all walkers and cyclists without the thick, boggy mud that lays there now. The path has been planned using materials that will over time will look completely natural especially in autumn even though the footing will be brilliant.
     The Nonsuch Voles work in the garden every Thursday and in the woodland every Friday. The coppice worker is also around from the Lower Mole project to help out. The clip below shows one of the trees cut down yesterday.
Today and yesterday I was meant to be filming the Nonsuch Voles Volunteer group in the gardens and in the woodlands with Jon the resident coppice worker, however due to unforseen circumstances I wasn't allowed to film due to permission needed from the local council. Everything seems like it will be fine and I'll be having a meeting next week to sort it out, so instead of just not turning up I decided to help out the voles and I'm glad I did. Not only did I meet a large majority of the team members but I also learnt of new things and possible filming projects later on in the year. On Fridays the voles help out in the woodlands and so I came along to give a helping hand. 

The task was to burn the coppiced and felled wood that wasn't good enough to be sold as household firewood, the fire slowly caught alight and built in strength. The team also explained to me their work in the woodlands, letting light to the woodland floor to allow new growth and more wildlife such as to sustain butterflies in the woodland. What they've done in Nonsuch is truly remarkable and I can see how this change is for the better. I like to say thank you to the Nonsuch Voles for allowing me along today and a few of the photos I took are below.

Presenter Mark has been following the Nonsuch trail for the Winter program, we've battled with wind all day causing havoc with our mics although at the end of the day we got the footage we needed and so the editing process now begins. Below is a snapshot of a piece of footage captured at bollard 3 on the trail where Mark explains to viewers the where-abouts and use of the land around the south-west corner of the privy garden.
I'd like to announce that we have finally managed to get a theme tune created by a guy called Duncan Woolford, I'm happy with the results and although I'm not prepared to share the music with you as I'd rather you saw it for the first time when we launch the first program, I can show you one of the small breakers between different scenes. 

This is a huge step forward on our journey to creating a great series of documentaries and I hope we manage to carry on with the success in filming we've had recently. 


    Find out more about me on the Meet the Team page however I'm a local guy interested in wildlife, I volunteer at the 'Friends of Nonsuch' and because I'm so involved in this project I will bring you new information when it happens.


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