I'd like to announce that we have finally managed to get a theme tune created by a guy called Duncan Woolford, I'm happy with the results and although I'm not prepared to share the music with you as I'd rather you saw it for the first time when we launch the first program, I can show you one of the small breakers between different scenes. 

This is a huge step forward on our journey to creating a great series of documentaries and I hope we manage to carry on with the success in filming we've had recently. 

Lynne Wallace
09/09/2013 5:15am

I really enjoyed watching the story of Nonsuch .The section on the parakeets is very informative. Hope you will report on more bird activity in the future . You are a very engaging presenter and the cameraman very talented. Good luck in whatever you do in the future

Mark Turner
09/09/2013 9:31am

many thanks Lynne... we will be releasing the spring program on Nonsuch awareness day (15th September) and we have a short feature on the moorhens in the park. It will be up shorty after the event on Youtube


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