Today and yesterday I was meant to be filming the Nonsuch Voles Volunteer group in the gardens and in the woodlands with Jon the resident coppice worker, however due to unforseen circumstances I wasn't allowed to film due to permission needed from the local council. Everything seems like it will be fine and I'll be having a meeting next week to sort it out, so instead of just not turning up I decided to help out the voles and I'm glad I did. Not only did I meet a large majority of the team members but I also learnt of new things and possible filming projects later on in the year. On Fridays the voles help out in the woodlands and so I came along to give a helping hand. 

The task was to burn the coppiced and felled wood that wasn't good enough to be sold as household firewood, the fire slowly caught alight and built in strength. The team also explained to me their work in the woodlands, letting light to the woodland floor to allow new growth and more wildlife such as to sustain butterflies in the woodland. What they've done in Nonsuch is truly remarkable and I can see how this change is for the better. I like to say thank you to the Nonsuch Voles for allowing me along today and a few of the photos I took are below.

Paul Airey
02/23/2013 7:49am

Glad you could join us Mark, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!
Great photos too...


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    Find out more about me on the Meet the Team page however I'm a local guy interested in wildlife, I volunteer at the 'Friends of Nonsuch' and because I'm so involved in this project I will bring you new information when it happens.


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